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Family Therapist Berkeley, CA

Gina Fahouri is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is bilingual in Spanish and has been providing psychotherapy services for over 15 years.  Her bicultural background gives her good insight in how to help diverse individuals and families from all backgrounds manage issues ranging from family conflict to depression, anxiety, trauma, chronic mental illness and co occurring drug and alcohol issues.

Gina chose a career as a Marriage and Family Therapist in part because of her own positive experiences with therapy around the time she was about to graduate from high school.  Gina was fortunate enough to have a therapist of her own who really listened and helped her through a brief but tumultuous adolescent transition.  After finishing her BA in psychology at UC Berkeley, she decided to volunteer at a local peer counseling collective.  She was trained in a style of therapy that emphasizes inherent worth and resiliency and saw how helpful this approach could be in her future work.  She finished her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Cal State, East Bay and began her career as a psychotherapist, working for several years in Los Angeles and for the last 11 years in the Bay Area.

My practice is client specific and incorporates solution focused behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, harm reduction and mindfulness.  I work hard to understand my clients and their unique skills and talents and chances are that you can use your skills and talents to make positive changes.  Mindfulness, motivational interviewing and harm reduction can help recognize when you’re ready for change, when those changes are occurring, how to make more change and also tolerate the times that changes aren’t happening in the way or at the pace you had imagined.  I use a similar approach when working with families, but within a structural and generational approach which takes into consideration the specific makeup of your family and the specific issues your family is dealing with.


Individual therapy with adults, individual therapy with teens and family therapy services.

Individual Therapy Berkeley California

Individual therapy to improve self-worth and quality of life begins with identifying the issues that are causing you the most distress and also in describing how you would like to resolve those issues.  We will find ways for you to use your unique skills, strengths and resources so that you can make progress towards those goals and plan for an effective ending of therapy services.

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Family Therapy San Francisco California

Family therapy to improve communication and strengthen healthy relationships and manage difficult life transitions or events:  We will work to identify the most distressing issues and identify what changes your family would like to see, using your family’s unique skills, strengths and resources to make progress towards those goals for an effective ending of therapy services.

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