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Family Therapy for Adults

When we think of family therapy, we often imagine parents or caregivers being seen with their teen or young child.  That is common, but it can also be helpful for adult children and their parents and adult siblings. Many of us yearn to feel closer to our parents, or to work through conflicts with siblings […]

Being an Older Parent Part II- The Sandwich Generation

In Part I of Being an Older Parent, I wrote about the issues that many older parents navigate and here I wanted to take some time to focus more on what it can be like to be part of the Sandwich Generation. Being part of the Sandwich Generation means that you may have aging parents […]

Being an Older Parent

Many people wait until their late 30’s and early 40’s to begin having children and while being an older parent is wonderful, it also brings its’ own unique challenges. The reasons for having children as an older adult are numerous, but in the end whether through birth or adoption you now find yourself navigating new […]

PPO Health Insurance

I have recently expanded my practice to accept clients who have PPO Health Insurance. Many PPO plans will provide reimbursement for mental health services provided by an out of network provider when provided with a superbill.  Please contact your PPO insurance provider to review your benefits. I look forward to talking with you! Please contact […]

Anthem Blue Cross Behavioral Health Network

I am excited to announce that I am now accepting clients who are insured with Anthem Blue Cross Behavioral Health Network.  This insurance can cover services for those who are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety and trauma and much more.  Please contact your insurer to review your coverage and get support for yourself, your teen […]

Cultural Differences Within Families

Families who migrate from other countries to the United States will often notice that family members adjust to living in a new country at different rates.  There may be shifting values related to religion, cultural norms, gender roles and language and their may be grief related to their migration story.  Family time may begin to […]


Helping After Neonatal Death (H.A.N.D)  provides support to parents and families who have experienced the death of a child during pregnancy, at birth or during the first year after birth.  The death of a child is tragic and can be especially isolating, which can can lead to years of unresolved grief.  Please consider this referral […]