Family Therapy

Family therapy to improve communication and strengthen healthy relationships and manage difficult life transitions or events:  Family therapy begins with the family identifying what is bothering them most in their day to day life.  This is often called the presenting problem and can be anything from a depressed or acting out family member, concerns about school or family conflicts or difficult family changes, such as divorce.  Not every family is in agreement about what the presenting problem is, so we will use the beginning of the therapy process to sort it out and talk about what changes you would like to see.  We will talk about how the problem manifests and about times it seems less prevalent or less forceful.  We will also clarify your preferred future and how you will know that therapy is being effective.  We will use this information to think about how long the therapy process should take. As therapy progresses, we will identify the skills you and your family already possess to conquer the problem and find ways you can build on those skills.  As therapy comes to a close we will review the skills you have built both individually and as a family, the changes that have taken place and plan for an effective ending of therapy services.  Some of our sessions will include the entire family and other appointments will include subsets of the family, depending on what issue we are working on.

Please contact me to schedule an appointment or for a free 15 minute telephone consultation to see if my approach might be a good fit for you.